Lexington Law Firm Credit Repair

The Lexington Law Firm credit repair company is located out of Salt Lake City Utah. They are known as the number one credit report repair company in the world. Every year they help over 150,000 people to clean their credit reports. With lawyers in almost each of the 50 states, they are poised to work magic on your credit situation!

What Makes Lexington Law So Great?

lexington law firmHow is it that Lexington Law is the number one company people chose to repair user’s credit? Well, for one, they use all of the laws that are in place to protect you as a consumer to remove questionable negative and erroneous information from your reports.

They are experts. On average they remove 8 negative items in the first three months of service. That isn’t all, for the clients that have been with them for a year, they average just fewer than 30 deletions! Imagine the impact having 30 negative items removed from your credit would have on your lifestyle. The savings on interest would pay 10 times over for the service charges.

The process is actually quite simple all things considered. Maybe that is the secret to becoming the number one credit repair service? Your personal paralegal helps you to order your three credit reports. Once you have them you forward them by mail, fax or email to your paralegal.

Lexington Law starts right away by writing letters on your behalf with their proven systems to get those negative items removed.

Updates on the progress come to you monthly when you get your letters back from the credit bureaus. The letters will show you what was removed and what stayed on your credit reports. Again, the only thing you have to do is get your mail and forward it to your paralegal. Nothing could be simpler. When you are satisfied with the results you can cancel at any time. They even offer a refund policy if their services did not remove enough percentage of your negative items.

I am writing this review because Lexington law had such a major impact on my own life. Before I used their services I must admit, I was skeptical. I had signed up for another credit repair company that was local only to find out that the owner of the company skipped town with my money! I thought I was stuck with my past credit mistakes forever. When a friend recommended Lexington Law Firm, I did my homework for weeks before I signed up. I was determined to not be taken like a fool yet once again. Imagine my relief when they removed my charge-offs and a judgment within my first two months! My credit scores increased 180 points during that time.